Dawn Pulliam

For Anne Arundel Council District 7

The New Voice We Need Right Now.

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As Councilwoman representing Anne Arundel voters in District 7, I will make it my priority to give citizens the voice they deserve on matters that make a difference in our community.

Return students to the classroom and put an end to Critical Race Theory

Cut taxes and reduce government spending for small businesses and families

Vote no on proposals to increase fees

Shred excess regulations on small business

Back the Blue and First Responders

Match infrastructure with growth

About Dawn Pulliam

Dawn is a conservative Republican running for Anne Arundel County Council District 7.

Helping others is what motivates Dawn most. As a first-time candidate, she is not a politician and never intended to run for office. She is a hands-on, grassroots leader who will take her experience working in government, private sector, academia, and non-profit sectors to bring the conservative change needed in District 7 and improve the lives of its citizens.